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This place really is the holy grail of pizza restaurants. Forget the fact that on the outside it looks just like any other higher-end pizza restaurant you run into. Try: ALL the pizzas, and then top it with arugula. More ...

Some days make all the other days jealous. These are the sorts of days that end with pizza. This is particularly good pizza. It's the kind that I hope my East Bay/SF friends will bridge and bridge and tunnel to Marin for. I would. It's divine. More ...

EThis has turned into one of my favorite hometown restaurants. Not only is the service always extremely friendly and welcoming, but the food is consistent and delicious! More ...

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The more casual side of the crazy popular Picco restaurant, crafts Neapolitan thin crust 'zas in a wood burning oven using crazy fresh ingredients and hand-pulling their mozzarella, and just kind of dominating the pizza scene north of SF. It's hard to go wrong in your selections here ... Read more

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pizzeria piccoPizzeria Picco is featured in the “Pizza Tops” top list.

Larkspur’s secret is out about this tiny, upscale pizzeria (the fancier, next-door sib to Picco) cranking out truly divine, “Neapolitan”-by-way-of-Californian wood-fired pizzas and amazingly fresh salads, capped off by equally “crave-worthy” wines and soft-serve. Read more

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-Ohhh what I wouldn't do to have a Pizzeria Picco in NOLA!
-This place is definitely on my bucket list.
-Had a wonderful pizza and salad ... can't wait to go back!

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